RC DataCom
On-site computer Installation and Training
New computer? we can help you to use it!

We install computers and provide on-site computer instruction.

We Have flexible service plans to meet your business or personal needs.

We will help you develop a working knowledge and understanding of your computer and how you can get the most from it. From installing new software and hardware to assisting with backing up your data.

We have been providing outstanding, reliable technology services to our valuable clientele for over 2 decades. Let us help you to use your computer daily to help manage your personal or business life. In today's market, it is essential that your data is backed up and secure. We will help you get on track with learning how to get around your computer, install any new software that you need as well as backing up your important data, such as documents, music, and pictures. We will help you to protect your infrastructure, ideas, and investment. Call RC Datacom  today. You can't afford not to.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives provide excellent service. We are never closed. We're only a phone call or email away. Contact us today email: robert@rcdatacom.com or call us at 650.346.4330